How to use your templates

A free online course, included with all templates.

How to use your book template

To make sure that you get the most from your book templates, I created this online course.

It’s totally free. 

Just enroll on the course and it will show up in your account, and if you find there’s something you’re not sure about, then let me know. I can either update and clarify the lesson or add a whole new one for you.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction and thank you
Unit 2 Getting support
Unit 3 Accessing your download
Unit 4 Download and unzip your template
Module 2 Book templates
Unit 1 Your book template
Unit 2 Editing your book title
Unit 3 Adding your manuscript
Unit 4 Updating your manuscript
Unit 5 Modifying Styles
Unit 6 Updating your chapter titles
Unit 7 Troubleshooting
Module 3 Notebook and journal templates
Unit 1 Sourcing images for your book
Unit 2 Preparing to build your notebook
Unit 3 Adding background colour
Unit 4 Adding a background image
Unit 5 Adding text to the headers
Unit 6 Adding page numbers
Unit 7 Image options for journals
Module 4 Finally
Unit 1 Wrapping up
Module 5 Bonus - Fonts
Unit 1 Installing fonts
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